About Diagnosis Hope



At Diagnosis HOPE, founded by Dr Asa Andrew we are a biblically- based organization designed to empower people to live an extraordinary life through health and wellness education, and community health clinics.



Diagnosis HOPE is a Christ-centered organization founded by Dr. Asa Andrew to empower health, lifestyle, and wellness education. Diagnosis HOPE was developed to equip, educate, and empower others with the resources, tools, and practical teaching to help people take responsibility for their lives. Dr Asa Andrew has a clear vision to be able to help people thrive in their health and not merely survive.

Through relevant teaching from Dr Asa, newly developed educational curriculums, small groups, and events, Diagnosis HOPE encourages a local community, church, or organization to choose to live healthier and create a health legacy for themselves and their families. 

Through community health care and behavioral health, our team of counselors and health care providers will champion an effort to help those who need it the most. Many of the health challenges today are caused by poor lifestyle choices. At Diagnosis HOPE, we simply realize that health must be taught as well as provided. Dr Asa Andrew and our team at Diagnosis HOPE have put together a comprehensive lifestyle medicine-based plan to help those struggling with their health find a new prescription of HOPE. We use behavioral health and the latest cutting edge in health care for better lifestyle change. Many people tweet Dr Asa Andrew @DrAsa with questions about their health. We then can send our team to partner with local community health services to help them create the kind of clinical healing atmosphere to help people thrive and regain their health.

Diagnosis HOPE is a community based health care company that wants to see you reach your full health potential and empower people to live extraordinary lives.